After-sales service commitment

Respected users of Jiguo printing machine :

        Jiguo Printing Machine after-sales service give our heartfelt thanks to you for your choice of our products and solemnly promise you: we will provide satisfactory and considerate service for you
        In order to guarantee your normal use of the die-cutting machine and acquisition of good after-sales service, please carefully read the commitment made in this manual, for this commitment is an important accessory file delivered with user’s manual, factory certificate and packing list. It is an important basis to guarantee your after-sales service, therefore please keep this manual and act in accordance with provisions in this manual.

(1). Our company has executed an all-the-way tracking management system during the period from product delivery to expiration date. Specific measures are as follows :

1、Establishing product technical record management system :

        One set of documents for each machine, including acceptance certificate of assembled products, product delivery status, responsible personnel of product installation and commissioning, usage training and qualification certificate, warranty, record of technology and quality status during the guarantee and maintenance period and record of analysis and problem solving process, which can ensure guaranteed operation of each die-cutting machine sold.

2、After-sales service guarantee system

1)Equipment installation and commissioning :
        Our company will send professional engineers responsible for equipment overall installation and commissioning.
2)Technical training :
        After equipment arrives at your place, we will provide free training to two operators with technical training materials specially compiled. Professional trainers will be responsible for the training. Main training contents are :
        Structure introduction of the die-cutting machine, structure and adjustment method of paper feeding, structure of the mainframe, adjustment method of the die-cutting pressure, structure and adjustment method of paper collection, installation of die-cutting plate and plate placing method, usage and attentions of various operating switches, daily maintenance and other courses.
        After the training is completed, assessment of theory and practical operation will be given to operators to see whether they can operate machine skillfully and have understood principle of mechanical properties. Certificate will be given to operators who can carry out routine operations and maintenance. This certificate makes final decision on whether operators can become trainers in order to ensure the normal operation of machine later.
3)Expert hotline:
        Expert hotline(0315)6192296/13503150325 is open and ready to solve problems arising from user’s actual operation at any time to be reliable guarantee for operators.
4)Regularly return visit
        At three months after the completion of installation and commissioning, after-sales technical engineers would pay a visit back to listen to your suggestions and guide operators to properly use and maintain die-cutting machine.
        After-sales technical engineers would visit you twice occasionally during the period from the 4th months to the 12th month after the machine delivery.
5)Time-limited maintenance:
        If temporary fault occurs in mechanical system, technical service personnel would make phone call to inquire and solve the problem on receipt of your notice. For unsolved problem, technical service engineers would arrive on your scene within 24 hours if the scene is within 150km of our company; if it is not, engineers would arrive in 48 hours (only for domestic market)
6)One year of free repair guarantee, three years of warranty, and lifetime quality assurance:
        From the day of your purchase, our company will provide you with free commissioning, maintenance and parts replacement service within one year, but we will charge cost of main parts if the accidents are caused by improper operation instead of mechanical quality.
Within three years from the date of purchase, we will charge cost fees of faulty parts and service staff travelling fees, but no fee for maintenance.
        After three years from the date of purchase, we will provide technical support for all faults occurred in your machine and charge for repair service, including fault repair and original parts replacement.

(2). This guarantee has legal effect and will not become invalid from company’s development and change.

(3). Guaranteed by the Jiguo brand, we will continue to provide quality guarantee commitment to you.

If you have any problem or need further assistance, please contact us by after-sales service hotline or by fax.
Hotline Hours: 8:00 - 17:00
Tel:0315-6192296 Fax:0315-6163619
Service Hotline :13503150325

Tangshan Jiguo printing machinery Co., LTD.,
Customer Service Department

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